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Your Documents

  1. You must carry your documents with you when you travel in foreign countries.
  2. A valid full driving licence.
  3. An International Driving Permit (when necessary).
  4. The original vehicle registration document.
  5. Your motor insurance certificate.
  6. Your passport.

You must carrying the correct documents this will help to identify you and your vehicle and your rights should you be stopped by the police or local authorities.

International Driving Permit

An IDP translates into many languages the categories of vehicle you are entitled to drive on your UK licence. They are recognised in most European Counties, and having one can be helpful as it can help with the language barriers if you are stopped by the authorities.

Valid for 12 months from the date of issue, it costs around £10
An IDP can be obtained via the AA or at your local post office.

An IDP is to be used in conjunction with your original UK driving licence. You MUST still take your UK driving licence with you. You do not need an IDP if you are travelling to France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Scandinavia.

If you do not have a photocard licence you will need an IDP for Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey.

Whilst a UK licence should be recognised in the following countries, it is recommended if you are travelling to Albania, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain that you also carry an IDP. You will need an IDP if you are travelling to Serbia or to Turkey for more than 90 days.

Information is correct at the time of publishing (2013), please check with your local authorities or contact us we will be please to help.