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What To See On Motorcycle Tours In France

//What To See On Motorcycle Tours In France

Millau Bridge Motorcycle Tour

The world is a big, big place – so planning a motorcycle holiday can take a very long time. You don’t want to pick the wrong destination, after all! But if you’re thinking of going on a bit of a motorcycle trip next year, you could certainly do an awful lot worse than booking motorcycle tours in France. Here are just a couple of the sights and sounds that prove France may well be the destination of choice for you!

The Millau Viaduct – the highest multi-span bridge in the world!

You might not think that a bridge would be worth including on a list of top attractions for a motorbike holiday, but you’d be wrong! The Millau Bridge is an absolute must-see and is certainly worth a ride over both ways. Why? Because it’s the highest multi-span bridge in the world at 900ft above the Tarn Valley floor at its deepest.

In March and April, you’ll enjoy some incredible views – especially if you arrive just after the sun’s gone up. This time of year is a brilliant one to see the bridge and valley because you’ll find yourself surrounded by overnight mists floating up from the valley below.

Tarn Gorge

We will take you on your motorcycle journey through the Tarn Gorge by checking out the little town of Roquefort (home to tasty cheese!). Make sure you head off to see the caves and cheese cellars before travelling up the valley and gorges. Have your cameras at the ready for when you pass the village of Comprégnac as well, because the houses have been built into the rock and look amazing.

Le Mans Motor Race Circuit

And, of course, no trip to the south of France would be complete without taking a look at Le Mans race circuit museum, one of the most classic courses around the world. No doubt you’ve heard of the 24-hour endurance race that takes place each June! An absolute must for anyone who loves touring the world on their motorbikes, so we have included a tour of the museum while en route to the south of France.