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What To Pack For Guided Motorcycle Tours

//What To Pack For Guided Motorcycle Tours

There’s nothing quite like packing up for guided motorcycle tours, whether they’re in the UK or further afield. But what should you take? What are the most essential items? Here are just a few must-have belongings you need to pack, whether you’re going for two days or two fun-filled weeks.

A first aid kit

Make sure you have a kit stashed somewhere in your saddlebags with plasters, tweezers, wet wipes, aspirin and bandages just in case. You don’t want to get caught short!

2 of everything

Ok, well, not everything – but the most essential items you might want to double up on, like heated jackets, pairs of gloves and rain suits. That way if something does happen, you aren’t left without.

Laundry powder

This isn’t a total must-have if you’re going on a short journey but if you are doing something long haul, chances are you’ll need to do some laundry at some point. Save yourself cash, time and effort by packing sandwich bags or a little Tupperware box with some laundry powder.

Lots of layers

Packing thinner layers instead of one big jumper is advisable because you can shed layers as you get too hot and put them on quickly when you get cold. And they’ll take up less space in your baggage than a big bulky hoody.


And, of course, you shouldn’t be going anywhere without all the necessary tools to fix your bike if something happens. Pack a wrench, screwdriver, allen keys, air pump and other necessities.

And remember to pack your saddlebag liners with what you want to take before you put them in the saddlebags – otherwise there’s no way they’ll fit! Here’s a handy checklist of what to pack so you don’t forget anything.