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Around the World in 90 Days

//Around the World in 90 Days

Graham Saunders
World Motorcycle Rider

Graham Saunders rode around the world in 2002 on a Honda Blackbird 1100 Travelling through 5 continents 17 countries covering 32000 miles in 90 days

What about Graham, Owner of Toursareus World Motorcycle Tours and around the world rider himself. Graham has a wealth of experience from riding all around Europe with groups for years before he finally went off around the world and he would loves to share his experience and knowledge with his customers. Finding highways and byways where the riding pleasure raises your heart rate and lets you feel the rush of the adrenalin a feeling we can always do with having more of every day on the best seat in the world “Your Motorcycle”.

Graham’s Comment!
I genuinely want you to enjoy the great service we offer and benefit from the experience we have. We have put together what we believe to be unbeatable Motorcycle Tours. You can be sure to get quality and value for money with Toursareus World Motorcycle Tours