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31 Mar to 06 Apr 2018, 7 Days

2018 Sold Out – Bookings Being Taken for 2019… 12 Places Available

French Dordogne & Millau Bridge Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Tour Prices

31 March to 06 April 2018 – 7 DaysSold Out
Tour Ref FRN18
£749 Two People, One Motorcycle, Sharing One Room *
£849 One Person, One Motorcycle, Shared Room *
£1099 One Person, One Motorcycle in a Single Room **
£79 Deposit Per Person
Your Balance will be Due by the 11 Feb 2018
Optional Extra’s
£29 Single Cabin Upgrade Outbound Only UK to France***
30 March to 05 April 2019 – 7 Days
Tour Ref FRN19
£799 Two People, One Motorcycle, Sharing One Room *
£899 One Person, One Motorcycle, Shared Room *
£1149 One Person, One Motorcycle in a Single Room **
£99 Deposit Per Person
Your Balance will be Due by the 10 Feb 2019
Optional Extra’s
£39 Single Cabin Upgrade Outbound Only UK to France***

All Rates are Per Person
* Shared Room
** Single Room all the Way (Shared Cabin)
*** Single Cabin, Outbound Sailing Only

Motorcycle Tour Overview

Our French Motorcycle Tour to the Millau Bridge, If you enjoy riding a motorcycle on twisty roads, if you like beautiful landscapes, heritage monuments, picturesque and historic villages, then France maybe one of the places to ride your motorcycle with one of the best tour companies around. On this french motorcycle tour we travel from Caen ferry port riding on and down through the Dordogne to the Millau Bridge on your own motorcycle, we will ride the best roads and motorcycle routes on the D and N routes, equivalent to A and B roads in the UK, it’s truly a back road motorcycle tour in France and riding through its fantastic gorges, and while on-route we take on that french way of life and relax, is a must for the easy rider.

What To See On Motorcycle Tours In France

The world is a big, big place – so planning a motorcycle holiday can take a very long time. You don’t want to pick the wrong destination, after all! But if you’re thinking of going on a bit of a motorcycle trip next year, you could certainly do an awful lot worse than booking motorcycle tours in France. Here are just a couple of the sights and sounds that prove France may well be the destination of choice for you!

The Millau Viaduct is the highest multi-span bridge in the world

You might not think that a bridge would be worth including on a list of top attractions for a motorbike holiday, but you’d be wrong! The Millau Bridge is an absolute must-see, it’s  worth a ride over both ways on your own motorcycle the bridge is the highest multi-span bridge in the world at 900ft above the Tarn Valley floor at its deepest.

The Millau Viaduct (if you don’t already know) is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world. We are about (dependent on which route is taken) an hour and a half away from the bridge and even if you have little or no interest in the engineering aspect of this man made marvel you can not help but be amazed by it.

March & April

You’ll get some incredible views – especially if you arrive just after the sun’s gone up. This time of year is a brilliant one to see the bridge and valley because you’ll find yourself surrounded by overnight mists floating up from the valley below.

Tarn Gorge

We will take you you on your motorcycle journey through the Tarn Gorge by checking out the little town of Roquefort (home to tasty cheese!). Make sure you head off to see the caves and cheese cellars before travelling up the valley and gorges. Have your cameras at the ready for when you pass the village of Comprégnac as well, because the houses have been built into the rock and look amazing.

Le Mans Motor Race Circuit

And, of course, no trip to the south of France would be complete without taking a look at Le Mans race circuit museum, one of the most classic courses around the world. No doubt you’ve heard of the 24-hour endurance race that takes place each June! An absolute must for anyone who loves touring the world on their motorbikes, so we have included a tour in the museum while on-route to the south of France.

What your tour includes

Your tour cost includes the following

  • 7 Days Motorcycle Tour in France
  • Fully accompanied by Graham & his Team
  • Tour information document*
  • Le Mans Race Circuit Museum**


  • 6 Nights in Good Quality Accommodation
    (2 night near the Millau Bridge)
  • 6 Continental Breakfasts

Ferry Crossing

  • Return Ferry from the UK to France, Portsmouth to Caen
    (Per Motorcycle Rider & Pillion)
  • 2 Berth Inside Shared Cabin (Outbound Only)

Tour Area / Highlights

  • The Dordogne Country Side
  • Ride Over the Millau Bridge
  • Ride Through the Ardeche and Tarn Gorges
  • Ride a Section of the Le Mans Road Circuit
  • Visit the Le Mans Circuit Museum*

Tour Requirements

  • This Tour is on your own motorcycle
  • Suitable for Motorcycles over 500cc
  • Male or Female Riders & Pillions
  • Age: Min 18 Years – Max 75 Years

Exclusions & Extra’s

  • All Road Tolls
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Motorcycle Breakdown Recover
  • Fuel / Oil for your Motorcycle
  • Hotel Parking Fee’s (Some hotels may charge)
  • Hotel Extra’s Drinks / Telephone / Food / Bar
  • Food & Drinks (Unless Supplied by the Hotels)
  • Breakfast / Food on the Ferries

* Sent by Email in a PDF Format
** Extra Cost Customer to Pay on Entry

Daily Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – Overnight Ferry

Outbound Ferry Route: Portsmouth to Caen
(Inc Shared Cabin, Single Cabin Upgrade Available at Extra Cost)
Departure: Sat 31 Mar 2018 22:45
Arrival: Sun 1 Apr 2018 06:45

Day 2 – La Coquille

Caen to La Coquille
299 Miles – 478 Kms

Day 3 – Millau Bridge

La Coquille to the Millau Bridge
196 Miles – 315 Kms

Day 4 – Millau Bridge

Millau – Ride Out Day in the Ardeche
50 to 150 Mile Ride Outs

Day 5 – Millau Bridge

Millau – Ride Out Day in the Ardeche
50 to 150 Mile Ride Outs

Day 6 – Blois

Millau to Blois
320 Miles – 515 Kms

Day 7 – Caen

Blois to Caen
Catch Caen Ferry and Return to the UK
Return Route: Caen to Portsmouth
175 Miles – 284 Kms
Departure: Fri 6 Apr 2018 08:30
Arrival: Fri 6 Apr 2018 13:15

Route Subject to Change
All Mileage are estimated

What To Bring With You ?

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Insurance to cover your motorcycle
  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • MOT Certificate for your bike*
  • Reflective Vest
  • Country Logo on your Number Plate i.e. GB etc
  • Spare Motorcycle Bulbs
  • Spare Motorcycle Keys
  • Chain lubricant*
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Travel Visa’s*

*If Required

It is Advised that you bring with you photo copies of your Important Documents like your Passport.

Money and Currency

  • Credit / Debit Card’s
  • Euro’s
  • Pounds Sterling to spend on the Ferry

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Travel Insurance

Medical and Breakdown, Insurance

We would like to advise you that on all of our tours that we require you hold a valid and adequate Medical and Breakdown Recovery insurance which includes repatriation for you and your pillion and your motorcycle for the duration of the motorcycle tour (please supply a copy of your insurance cover documents)

All Information is correct at the time of publishing

Comment: World Motorcycle Rider Graham Saunders and Owner of Toursareus World Motorcycle Tours has said, to be clear Just put these jacket on then you will comply with the french road traffic laws and not get prosecuted (Fined) by the police authorities and it will save you a lot of hassle and money.

Documents: To prevent any difficulty whilst travelling, you should bring the following documents with you and photo copies are advised in the case of you loosing your documents such as the most important thing “Your Passport” (Applicable to UK Residents and most European Countries.)

A valid full driving licence, photo card licence.
An International Driving Permit (when necessary).
The original vehicle registration document.
Your motorcycle insurance certificate.
Valid Passport. (You Must have at Least 6 Months Left to the Expiry Date to be Valid)

Motorcycle Insurance: 3rd party compulsory.

Pillion: Only one pillion passenger may be carried on motorcycles. All pillion passengers must be covered by insurance.
You must carrying the correct documents this will help to identify you and your vehicle and your rights should you be stopped by the police or local authorities. Remember in Europe many countries have different road traffic laws.

Emergency Numbers:
112 is the general emergency number in France
15 – medical emergency
17 – police
18 – fire brigade
114 – National centre for emergency calls for deaf and people with hearing problems.

British Consulate Paris
18 bis rue de l’Anjou, 75008 PARIS
Tel (0033) 1 44 51 31 02 / Fax (0033) 1 44 51 31 273

Currency: €uro’s
Languages: Language spoken is French.

Health Advice & Insurance: Do have your own health insurance, it is advised to have emergency air ambulance cover in case you are involved in an accident. If you are travelling from within the EU
EIHC European International Health Card: Do carry your European International Health Card, You can apply online at

Age limits
Motorcycles up to 80cc – 16 years.
Motorcycles Over 80cc – 18 years.

No one is allowed to drive on a provisional licence.

Driving on the Correct Side of the Road in France: THE FRENCH DRIVE ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD. First rule for you to remember (should you come from the UK) drive on the right part of the road! Be especially careful when setting off from petrol service stations or restaurants on the left side of the road LOOK AND CHECK BOTH WAYS AND ALL AROUND YOU BEFORE EXITING…

Driving: Example, a Stop sign means STOP (Put your Feet/Foot down on the tarmac then pull away from the Stop Junction)

Road Junctions: Do not Stop on Junctions and wait for other riders unless you have broken down, we do not use the rider escort system called the “Drop OFF System” it is against the law in France.

Speed limits, Please Obey the local and national speed limits while riding in France
Highway: 130 km/h, if raining 110 km/h – (80 mph, 70 mph)
Dual Carriageway: 110 km/h, if raining 100 km/h – (70 mph, 60 mph) • Open Road: 90 km/h, if raining 80 km/h – (55 mph, 50 mph)
Town: 50 km/h – (30 mph)

Breakdowns on motorways please use the emergency motorway phones. Assistance will get you off the motorway and take you to a garage, where you can call your own breakdown assistance. This costs can be as high as €200 or more in some area’s, which you can claim back from your breakdown company, (please check your type of insurance breakdown cover) but do check your breakdown policy.

GB Registration Number Plates (Sticker’s): Must be displayed on your motorcycle. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in an on-the-spot fine from €30 or more.

Motorcycle Headlights: It is a requirement to adjust your headlights if you’re driving on the Continent so that the full beam doesn’t dazzle oncoming drivers. In many countries it is a requirement to ride day and night on dipped beam. Please Note on the that some motorcycle are fitted with a led headlamp like the BMW R1200 GS / GSA 2013 TE onwards, these have a daytime horseshoe light please switch this off while riding in France you could be fined on the spot by the local and french authorities. Depending on your bike, adjusting your headlights could be as simple as stickers or a bit of tape, however it may require a converter. Remember to remove the converters/stickers as soon as you return to the UK. You must carry a complete set of replacement bulbs for your lights.

Tolls: Some roads are toll roads. These are mostly the main highways (Autoroutes / Motorways) and are payable at checkpoints en route. The amount payable depends on the distance you have travelled. They also can work out your average speed, so speeding along these roads is not advised.

First Aid Kit: Whilst not compulsory in most European countries it is recommended you take a small first aid kit – you can buy these to fit in your luggage for your motorcycle.

Fines: On the spot fines are high, get an official receipt. Vehicles parked against regulations may be impounded.

Fuel: No leaded petrol (only replacement lead petrol) available 95 to 98 octane.

Sounding your Horn: In built up areas, use of the horn is prohibited except in cases of danger.

Public Holidays: There are 11 public holidays in France each year. These are the 1st January, the 1st and 8th May, Easter Monday, Ascension day, Whit Monday, the 14th July, the 15th August, the 1st and 11th November and the 25th December. On these days Government Depts, banks, shops etc are usually closed.

Radar detectors: If you are using a sat nav with Radar Detectors as a point of interest, this option must be turned off. Radar Detectors are forbidden in France.

Warning Triangles: Compulsory for cars, but not required on motorcycles

Spectacles: If you wear glasses for riding, you will need to carry a spare pair with you.

Drink & Drugs: Alcohol – 0.05 limit. Penalties include fine, loss of licence and/or imprisonment. Penalties for drugs same. Random breath tests are common. A new law was to be introduced that you must carry a breath test with you, whilst this law was suspended early in 2013, it is not clear if a fine will be introduced. The AA (as of April 2013), still recommend carrying two unused breath analyser tests.

Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required for entering France.

Visas: No visa is required for UK or for any citizen of the European Union. However a photo identity card is required normally your passport. (Please Bring a Photo Copy Your Passport)

Tour Details

(2018) 31 March to 06 April – 7 Days Sold Out
(2019) 30 March to 05 April – 7 Days

Tour Area/Highlights
The Dordogne & Millau Bridge
Ardeche & Tarn Gorge
Le Mans Race Circuit & Museum

Tour Mileage on Tarmac
Est 1500 Miles / 2400 Kms
Longest day 299 miles

Riding Ability
Easy Riding

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I could Not Beleve my Eyes, what a fantastic place to ride my bike (2017) Honda Africa Twin, I found that Toursareus are great organiser and will book for next year, I thinking of going on the Spain & Portugal Motorcycle Tour in September 2018, in-fact I,m booking this for my Christmas prezzy to myself.

Joyce Roberts

A amazing unforgetable experience. Graham is such an experienced guide who supported us all the way.

Neil Harris