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Motorcycling Tours FAQ’s

On our tours, we get many different types of motorcycle riders and a real cross section of bikers with very different backgrounds, riding styles, and abilities and are confident that we cater for everyone.

However, we do expect a level of competency in your riding and an ability to fully control your motorcycle that you own or we hire to you for the safety of yourself and others

However we emphasise that this is a motorcycle holiday and not an endurance /race event, we stop for a break between 60 to 120 miles dependent on the type of terrain or weather conditions. We always take a lunch break and stop for mid morning and mid afternoon refreshments. This will give everyone a chance to re-group if need be.

Whether you’re experienced or novice rider you probably have a few questions about our  motorcycle tours.

Well here below are a few of the most usual questions we get asked, but if you have more than please feel free to send them to us and we will answer them as soon as possible for you.

Yes, we would more than glad to help you whilst we don’t book or take a money from you for this we can recommend a B&B or Hotel for you close to the ferry port.

Yes, (Please note we do not supply any travel from or in to the UK re: flights – train etc)

Simple YES as we are a Brittany Ferry Agent, just call or email us for a quote

No problem. Because you’re a biker you’re immediately everyone’s best mate, so come and join a tour. If you are OK to share a ferry cabin/room we’ll match you up with other single travellers. If you do want to have your own accommodation we have added that option into our tours offerings as a extra supplement.

Every tour is different – on shorter tours people do tend to stick together and we try to restrict our speed to a pace that everyone is comfortable with, consistent with making satisfactory progress. On longer tours with fewer changes in direction the group usually breaks down to fours and fives travelling together at a similar pace.

No you don’t need a touring style bike most bikes can be easily adapted with a tank bag, throw over panniers bags and a tail pack. You will also have chance to unload your luggage at the tour destination for few days.

All accommodation used on our tours are of a high standard being and have been personally checked by World Motorcycle Tours. While comfort, cleanliness, friendliness and bike security are high on our list of criteria, we also try to use accommodation that boasts nearby amenities such as restaurants, banks, shops etc. All Hotel accommodation will include en-suite facilities and many have English-speaking staff.

Yes/No, currently all our tours based on participates of each tour group carrying their own luggage on their motorcycle for the duration of each tour, on the Epic Alaska USA we do supply a support vehicle for your luggage.

Although we have a defined and varied selection of tour offerings, we at World Motorcycle Tours do understand the diverse requirements of other possible clients. Normally our tours consist of between 6-15 riders but if you have sufficient numbers, Please give us as much notice as possible and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

The riders on the tour are diversified. Some have been riding for years, others only a year. You will be able to ride at your own pace. Your comfort is important to us, and many riders have been able to learn advanced riding skills by following closely behind the experienced tour leader

This can be anything although we recommend nothing less than 500cc or a 400cc pocket rocket (eg ZXR400, CBR400). Most of the bikes tend to be large capacity mile munchers (Blackbirds, Pans, BMW GS’s, Yamaha FJR 1300s with quite a few sports bikes like the Yamaha R1 / R6, GSXR 600/750/1000 and Honda’s fireblade for solo riders in there too!)

Fast as you think is safe – really dependent upon the nature of the tour and the road conditions. In reality very few people want to travel at three figure speeds “if you do don’t come on our tours” for any length of time so the pace is usually 70/85mph consistent with road conditions. We always encourage all participants to observe posted speed limits in towns and villages.

The most we would travel depending on the tour planned routes is 350 miles in any one day, with stops every 100 miles for comfort stops, fuel, and light snacks.

For Tours 18 and up, average age is probably nearer 35 to 65 but everyone is welcome!

One of our criteria when selecting accommodation is bike security. We are conscious that your bike is almost as precious as the wife (well in most cases anyway). We therefore use hotels with a secure area for parking where possible. We never use city centre accommodation unless they have a garage as the risk of getting your bike nicked is greatly increased. We recommend that you do take precautions by bringing items such as disc locks, or security chains.

Yes on all of our Motorcycle Tours we would like every rider or pillion to wear a helmet, we don’t call them Crash Helmets because you don’t want to Crash, and they are called safety helmets for safety use not crashing.

Only breakfast, We try to leave space in the itinerary for you to eat out if we are staying in a nice place with good restaurants nearby. Makes a nice change from group meals every night and you can decide the type of eating experience you want. We recognise that not everybody wants a three course meal every night.

Most people we’ve met appreciate it if you try a few words even if their English is perfect. So, don’t be shy, give it a go. To help you on your way, it is useful to speak English – Spanish – French – Italian or German but don’t worry we English can get by and most people in Europe speak English anyway.

What provision has been made for my financial protection? In providing customer protection, and in accordance with The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992, all payments made to Toursareus Ltd are held in trust and cannot be released to us until tour members have returned from their holiday or event. This provides for your complete financial protection as your money is always there for you to take the holiday/event or be fully refunded if we are unable to proceed.

You will need to take your UK European Driving Licence, V5 Vehicle Registration Logbook, Personal Travel/Medical and vehicle insurance documentation, Form E111 (obtainable from the Post Office) duly stamped and signed, European Breakdown Recovery, a valid Passport for the ferry crossing check-ins and at the European / UK custom check points.

As part of each tour information pack we’ll send you our suggested list of must take items and some suggested additions. From experience, most people take too much.

Most bikers will tell you that it is prudent to take a basic tool kit and some basic consumable spares like bulbs, fuses and spare bike ignition/security lock keys. ! REMEMBER WE DON’T SUPPLY ANY TOOLS FOR YOU!

When you sign-up for an World Motorcycle Tours you’ll receive a Tour Pack before departure listing all the routes, overnight accommodation details and a map with the routes highlighted. Every evening before dinner we get together to discuss the next day’s route, reviewing the roads and places of special interest on route.

No Europe has ATM cash point machines just about everywhere which will accept your UK ATM bank cards or card cards. Most are linked to international money networks CIRRUS and MAESTRO check your bank card but you we suggest you take a small amount of money for the country you are going to I.E. Euro’s

You’ll need cash for lunches, snacks, fuel, and special excursion to places of interest. Extra purchases might include souvenirs and regional specialties.

This is always in the back of any riders mind, although all tour members are required to have their own European breakdown/recovery cover. As riding in group you won’t be on your own, we are experienced and will have the knowledge to sort out many situations, be rest assured none gets left behind.