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But unfortunately, it’s required!

World Motorcycle Tours Ltd are not in anyway providing your motorcycle insurance cover for the period of hire, this is supplied by our hire company that we use in the United States any such claim is dealt with by there insurance company and is under US State Law and are bound by there terms & conditions.

Best of the West & Route 66 Motorcycle Tours Only

Age Limit’s 25 to 75 Years, Special Arrangements for renters 21 to 24 years can be arrange

If the unthinkable happens, and you do have an accident, typically we will submit a whole bunch of paperwork to our insurance company, to your insurance company and, if anyone else was involved, to their insurance company; then we will let all the insurance companies figure it out.

California USA State Required Liability Coverage – this coverage is in case you cause an accident and either injuring someone or damage their property.

When you rent a motorcycle in the USA you must provide motorcycle renter’s insurance. Our Motorcycle Hire company has several insurance options available, and they can make this very easy for you, by adding you on to there motorcycle rental policy, for as low as $15 per day (plus a $3 one-time set-up fee) they will provide “Basic” insurance, this is simplified and in plain English

Basic Standard insurance

Basic Standard insurance very simplified and in plain English, (per day per motorcycle)

Coverage, with a $1,000 deductible covers you in case the motorcycle is stolen or vandalised.

Collision Coverage

Collision Coverage, with a $1,000 deductible on the damages to the rental motorcycle only this covers you if you have or caused an accident. There could be additional expenses, such as towing or impound, that are not covered by this insurance.

Medical Coverage

$500 Medical Payments for you if hurt in an accident. (In Total)

Optional Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)

You may add on this optional Insurance for a small additional charge per day. This increases the liability coverage from the state required amount to a maximum of $ 300,000 (See Cost Below)

Basic Standard Insurance

  1. Basic Motorcycle Insurance Cover: $15 per day (Mandatory)
  2. Supplemental Liability Insurance $5.95 per day (Optional)
  3. Roadside Assistance and Tyre Puncture $8.66 per day per motorcycle (Optional)
  4. Security Deposit $1000 to $2000 Depending on Motorcycle Type Make & Model (Authorised only no funds are taken from your card)

Basic Standard Insurance Includes

  1. Collision (Damage) $1,000 deductible (excess)
  2. Comprehensive (theft/vandalism) $1,000 deductible (excess)
  3. Liability – $15,000
  4. Covered for Full Theft / Vandalism Cover – $1000 Excess

Basic Standard Insurance Maximum 3rd Party Claims

  1. Single person injury – $15,000 maximum (3rd party)
  2. Multi person injury – $30,000 maximum (3rd party)
  3. Property Damage – $5,000 maximum (3rd party)

NEW Starting January 2014 Deluxe Package

“Deluxe Package” Zero $$ deductible – By popular demand, we have added this new package

  • Basic Insurance with a Zero dollar deductible, if the motorcycle is damaged due to an accident, stolen, or vandalized. (see Basic Insurance above)
  • Roadside Assistance and Tire Puncture coverage.  This is our most popular optional coverage. (see below for details)
  • Lower Security deposit, only $1000

Deluxe Insurance

  1. Basic Motorcycle Insurance Cover: $30.66 per day (Mandatory)
  2. Supplemental Liability Insurance $5.95 per day (Optional)
  3. Roadside Assistance and Tyre Puncture (Included)
  4. Security Deposit $1000 (Authorised only no funds are taken from your card)

Deluxe Insurance Includes

  1. Collision (Damage) $0 deductible (excess)
  2. Comprehensive (theft/vandalism) $1,000 deductible (excess)
  3. Liability – $15,000
  4. Covered for Full Theft / Vandalism Cover

Deluxe Insurance Maximum 3rd Party Claims

  1. Single person injury – $15,000 maximum (3rd party)
  2. Multi person injury – $30,000 maximum (3rd party)
  3. Property Damage – $5,000 maximum (3rd party)

All the above is paid locally. (Credit Card Only)

No, we’re still not done, there’s one more…

We want you to enjoy your vacation / holiday with the least amount of headaches. However, we understand things may happen! You will leave the lights on and come back to find you have a dead battery, or you may run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, and of course there’s the dreaded construction truck dropping nails in the road! With the optional Roadside Assistance, we will take care of these problems for you. This is called Roadside Assistance and Tyre Punctures

Optional Coverage Roadside Assistance / Tyre Puncture Coverage – (RSATC)

For an additional fee, you may purchase Road Side and Flat Tyre Assistance. The Rental company will provide towing, repair, flat tyre (due to puncture) repair / replacement (note: tubeless motorcycle tyres MUST be replaced, never repair any tubeless tyre.

Tube type tyres may, under certain circumstances, be repairable with a new tube, jump start, and emergency fuel. For “no cost”, section “13” mechanical breakdown only, we will deduct the pro-rated time from the rental fee, and reimburse you up to $75/day for a replacement vehicle

Reimbursement begins after vehicle is non-operable for 12 hours, and continues until your vehicle is either repaired or replaced. All conditions of section 13. Mechanical Breakdown above must be met. This is NOT a Collision Damage Waiver.

RSATC, Includes the Following

  • Replace your flat tire (tubeless tires are ALWAYS replaced) due to puncture only, including towing costs – your cost $0.00 for repair/replacement and towing!
  • Deliver fuel to you if you ran out of gas (you will need to pay for the gas)
  • Give your motorcycle a jump start if you left the lights on.
  • $75 / day (maximum) reimbursement, along with refund of the down time, to rent another vehicle in case of a mechanical breakdown, or if the rental motorcycle is
  • unsafe to operate through no fault of your own.  The reimbursement kicks in if we cannot get the motorcycle repaired or replaced within 12 hours, and continues until
  • your rented motorcycle is either fixed or replaced.  (Sorry, flat tires are not considered to be a mechanical breakdown.)
  • And we give you all of this for only $8.66 per day!

Please note – this is not a Collision Damage Waiver.


We’re bikers, not insurance people!! This is the very simplified version, and like any insurance there is a 100-page policy written in legalize. If you really want the details, please contact us and we will be very happy to put you in touch with the experts.

We’re not done with the insurance yet, there’s more….

Can I use my own personal insurance to cover me on a rental motorcycle?

If you provide your own insurance, you are fully responsible for any losses or damage.

Yes, you can, but most people find it is either too much trouble or too expensive to do. Our basic insurance is only $15/day and your insurance company may charge you to provide the required certificates.

Requirements are you must supply the following information

  • Comprehensive for the full replacement value of the motorcycle
  • Collision for the full replacement value of the motorcycle
  • Liability Coverage – we recommend minimum $300,000
  • Full Coverage for the motorcycle the you are hiring / renting
  • Verification required prior to hire / rental
  • You must provide a certificate from YOUR insurance company (either on an Accord form or THEIR letterhead)
  • Stating that your insurance will cover you and us on your rental motorcycle
  • Showing the limits of the policy and that you have full coverage
  • These certificates must be sent directly to us from your insurance company
  • $3000 Security deposit required

We recommend these certificates be provided to us at least 30 business days prior to your rental date.  Please do not hand carry these to us on the day of your rental, we may need to contact your insurance company to clarify any questions.  We are NOT experts on insurance, we are bikers, and we do this only as a courtesy.  Ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are adequately protected!!

Notice on optional insurance products
The purchase of optional insurance products is not required to rent the Vehicle.  Optional insurance products that are on sale may provide coverage that duplicates coverage provided by your personal motorcycle policy or by another source of coverage.  We are not qualified to evaluate the extent of your existing motorcycle coverage.  Optional products are provided under individual policies issued to you, or issued to you under a group or master policy issued to us by an insurer authorised to transact the applicable insurance business in the State of California